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How to reach Arequipa

Most travelers to Arequipa from outside Peru will find themselves going through Lima. There are several flights a day from Lima to Arequipa; the trip lasts approximately one hour. Lima is easily reachable from most major Latin American cities (Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Mexico City, Santiago, Sao Paulo, etc.) and from several major US cities (Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Newark). Some direct flights from Europe exist, such as Amsterdam--Lima and Madrid--Lima. Travelers from Asia will probably find themselves going through the US. Many international flights arrive in Lima late at night, and travelers planning to go directly to Arequipa might have to wait overnight for the connecting flight to Arequipa. Thus, some people might prefer to spend a night in Lima before proceeding to Arequipa, in this case, you have to consider the hotel’s location because traveling to and from the hotel might take 1 to 2 hours or more. (Best location for a hotel in Lima are located in Miraflores).

The Arequipa airport is around 15 minutes away from downtown under normal traffic. Some hotels might offer transportation to and from the airport for its guests but you need to coordinate with the hotel beforehand. For travelers without access to these services, you can take a taxi from the airport (fares to and from the airport are around 25 Peruvian Soles or 7 $USA).

A considerably cheaper alternative to reach Arequipa is by bus. The trip from Lima to Arequipa lasts around 16 hours. If you choose this means of transportation, we recommend that you take an express bus (fares are around 150 Peruvian Soles or 45 $USA)

Some indications of how to get around in Arequipa

  • The local currency are the "Peruvian Soles". 1 Dollar = 3.36 Soles. 1 Euro = 3.7 Soles.
  • Taxis in Arequipa are very cheap and there are many. However, you must have some considerations.
  • Taxis that are at the airport usually charge expensive, and it is difficult to identify their origin and reliability. It is better to be cautious.
  • A taxi from the airport to the should cost around 15 to 20 soles (5 to 6 dollars).
  • A taxi from the city center to the San Pablo Catholic University , should be around 5 soles (1.5 dollars)
  • The Uber company operates in Arequipa. This is safer, but, for example, at the airport they don't usually arrive quickly or they may not arrive.
  • The taxi company TaxiTel, usually works better and arrive faster throughout the city. You can download its application here: Google play , Apple Store .
  • To pay for things in the city in a few places they accept paying with dollars or euros. It is better to have the local currency, "Soles". At the airport, there are several ATMs, it is advisable to get suns at the airport for some local expenses.
  • In the city center there are also ATMs in several places.
  • In the university there is an ATM too.
  • In restaurants in the city if it is very common to pay with cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, etc.

We wish you a very good stay in Arequipa.

If you need any help at any time, do not hesitate to contact Alex Cuadros (General Chair): + 51-958-887-210 (Whatsapp, Telegram); Facebook Messenger:

How to reach Cusco

To travel to Cusco from Arequipa. There are several flights a day from Arequipa to Cusco; the trip lasts approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively, you could go by bus which takes around 9 hours, a trip that you can do overnight.

You can use Uber services to take a taxi from the hotel to different locations in Aequipa and Cusco

Traveling from Lima to Arequipa / from Arequipa to Cusco

By plane: The following airlines offer daily flights from Lima (approx. 50 min.) and from Arequipa to Cusco (approx. 30 min.):

By bus: The following bus companies are offering non-stop service from Lima to Arequipa (approx. 16 hours) and Arequipa to Cusco (approx. 9 hours):

How to reach the conference site

ICEC JCSG 2019 will be held at the San Pablo Catholic University (UCSP) - San Lázaro Campus. Located at Urb. Campiña Paisajista s/n Quinta Vivanco

The university is located in Arequipa’s San Lázaro neighborhood, about five blocks from the Main Square Responsive image


For emergencies you can contact us: whatsapp +51 942722434


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  • Some indications of how to get around in Arequipa link .