Workshop CUSCO

Title: Teaching and learn entertainment computing - Between fun, experience and seriousness

Chair: Rainer Malaka, University of Bremen

Abstract: At this off-site workshop we have a satellite event to ICEC with in-depth discussion and brain storming sessions on how to teach entertainment computing. Study programs on game development and game technology have been started and many Universities all over the world.We want to bring together experiences on curricula and teaching methods in this field and to start a global initiative to share experience and to further develop curricula, didactics and student exchange.

Potential participants can apply by submitting a short position statement on their perspective on the field. Accepted participants will present these statements in short presentations in an introduction session. The largest part of the workshop will be of an interactive nature where participants develop a roadmap for a developing a global curriculum for entertainment computing. In addition, we want to discuss on how new methods from our own field, in particular serious games, could be used as educational methods.

In order to bring together participants and to allow for further cross-cultural experience we plan to organize a post-workshop excursion/tour to Machu Picchu for those interested.

Workshop 1

Title: Towards Inclusive Co-Creation of Inclusive Games

Abstract: Game creation precedes game play. In this workshop, we describe our efforts towards enabling people with different (dis)abilities to co-create and play digital games. We focus on abilities, skills and knowledge to enable collaborative and inclusive co-creation of inclusive games.

Workshop 2

Title: Designing Serious Mobile Location-based Augmented Reality Games

Abstract: This workshop explores technical foundations, game design features, requirements for domain content, and didactic scenarios of serious mobile location-based augmented reality games. In particular, reference will be made to relevant design features of the commercial games Ingress and Pokémon GO, which are recognized as benchmarks in achieving outstanding engagements.


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