Workshop 1

Title: 2nd Workshop on Entertainment Computing – a key for improving inclusion and reducing gender gap?

Abstract: Entertainment Computing application areas are increasing day after day. The same way serious games become part of the teaching materials as schools, they can be useful tools to improve inclusion of people with special needs and reduce the gender gap. With this workshop we want to set a discussion space for researchers, designers and practitioners on Entertainment Computing interesting in its application to solve social issues, such as reducing the gender gap, preventing social exclusion of people in risk and promoting the inclusion of people with special needs.

Workshop 2

Title: Towards Inclusive Co-Creation of Inclusive Games

Abstract: Game creation precedes game play. In this workshop, we describe our efforts towards enabling people with different (dis)abilities to co-create and play digital games. We focus on abilities, skills and knowledge to enable collaborative and inclusive co-creation of inclusive games.

Workshop 3

Title: Designing Serious Mobile Location-based Augmented Reality Games

Abstract: This workshop explores technical foundations, game design features, requirements for domain content, and didactic scenarios of serious mobile location-based augmented reality games. In particular, reference will be made to relevant design features of the commercial games Ingress and Pokémon GO, which are recognized as benchmarks in achieving outstanding engagements.

Workshop 4

Title: Workshop on Developments in Analog Games

Abstract: Analog games have seen a surge of interest, board game cafes, new titles, and a more accepting culture to role playing games as a pass-time has fueled a boom in sales. However, academic research is relatively stagnate upon the analog domain as an object of design, due to both the interdisciplinary nature taking cues from computer science, narrative creation, psychology, and due to a lack of good publication venues for such works. Although being integrated to achieve crucial and serious outcomes such as brain health diagnosis, industrial training, recruitment process , analog games have been facing the lack of serious attempts for human factors consideration and design improvisation. The workshop endeavours to highlight such issues with discussion upon existing solutions and potential areas of improvement. Furthermore, the aim of this workshop is to address the gap, looking at the ways in which academics can apply their tools to the discussion of analog games, including but not limited to board games, war games, and tabletop roll playing. New computer based technologies such as player agents, 3D printing and rapid prototyping, crowd-funding, etc. will revolutionize the industry.


  • Workshop and tutorial proposals:
    April 22, 2019
  • New date for: Full and short papers:
    June 10, 2019 June 23, 2019 (Submission Link)